Looking for Volunteers

I am looking for volunteers.

The friends and volunteers of St. Lazarus Mission have been busy for the last month sending cards, pictures, letters, and emails to residents of four nursing homes in the Dayton area. Myself and the residents are so very grateful for your time and efforts! I have been hearing such appreciation from the residents and the activities directors. Thank you!!

To date, each resident has received between two and three mailings each. This is amazing. What an encouragement.

We have had requests from staff to keep the cards/letters/emails coming. The residents really look forward to receiving these notes. However, I don’t want to burn out those faithful volunteers that have contributed over 200 mailings. Would you consider writing a letter or card? If you prefer, I also have one nursing home that is excepting email greetings- you could just send emails. I could assign you one resident or more- whatever would fit your schedule. Perhaps you could take it on as a church or group project? They adore contributions from our younger folks, as well. Nothing like a hand drawn picture from a child!

If you would like to participate, please reach out to me stlazarusmission@gmail.com Thank you!


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