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We need people who have a heart to intercede for the people for whom we care.  We need people to pray for God to open doors for ministry in the dark lonely places across the land where people are warehoused until they die.  We need people to pray that God will provide for us the resources we need, people and finances.  We need people to ask God to give us His wisdom to know what we ought to be doing and His grace and strength to do it.  Prayer is the first work of the Church, and if you are led to pray with us and for us, please become a prayer partner.

We believe God hears prayer.  We also believe anyone can pray.  For example, and a good example at that, one resident, Brian, was a man of prayer.  He was a dear friend and resident of one nursing home.  He was committed to praying for and writing letters of encouragement to inmates in a county jail far away in Tennessee.  He could not leave the facility.  But he could minister to these least of these, these who were in prison.  He could visit them, in a sense by praying for them.  And he could make his visit even better if he wrote a letter.   Even on his last day in this life Brian was sure to faithfully pray for a particular inmate and write an encouraging letter while he was on his deathbed.


Brian, a true man of prayer

Brian, a true man of prayer


Won’t you be like Brian?  You can pray.  Contact us and let us know you want to become a prayer partner and we will let you know our prayer needs.  Also, if you are willing, we can connect you with a person for whom to pray and send letters.  In a nursing home, receiving mail is something savored because it is exceptionally rare indeed.

If you subscribe to our Blog, you will be able to keep up with what is going on, too.  And, as a prayer partner, we will send you prayer requests, too.

Thank you in advance for joining with us in prayer!

Peace be with you!

Fr. Chris Herman

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