What’s on this website?

Rev. Fr. Chris and Carol Herman, who together began St. Lazarus Mission in 1991


This site is made to help the current ministry team  function well, enabling current volunteers to check schedules and keep up with the latest news, but also to help you begin the journey or continue the journey and receive support and assistance along your path to minister to the least of these in nursing homes.

We hope you will find encouragement to know you are not alone in your desire to love the aged.  We are part of a greater movement of God.  There is a growing and constantly improving resources page with helpful training materials, reading recommendations, pre-done liturgies you can use, developed over 25 years of trial and error and study, Bible studies, advice for helping people deal with real life struggles commonly found in the nursing home environment, and links to other organizations and our partners who support and complement our efforts.

Also, we try to make our blog useful.  Take advantage of the opportunity to subscribe to it.  We include valuable pointers, many of which come from research in religious gerontology.  Our video resources will, by God’s grace, continue to grow and become helpful to train people, making all of us better servants of Christ, well suited to bring the life and light of Christ Jesus wherever we go.   If something you need is missing, let us know!

Finally, I want to personally, and on behalf of the whole St. Lazarus Mission team invite you to please contact us.  We desire to connect parish with the care of the aged, and to do that we want to pray with and for you as we labor together with Christ to build up His Body in the hallways, cafeterias, common rooms, and at the bedsides of people who are, I believe, in God’s economy, royalty.

Peace and grace be with you!

Chris Herman, Vicar


General Information

In the Ministry Section you will find suggestions to help you begin visiting a nursing home near you.  Also, in this section, you will be able to find resources such as videos with helpful tips to help you as you begin to visit people, or as you begin to gather a team of people to adopt a nursing home more holistically, or as you begin to provide opportunities for residents for worship.

About Us is a good place to get a feel for who St. Lazarus Mission is, and perhaps to find ideas for who you could be as a minister of the Good News in nursing homes.

Our Blog is a terrific way to keep us with the latest news and gain helpful tips from time to time that come from some of the latest research and study of religious geriatrics.

Our Newsletter, to which you need to subscribe, is meant to be another helpful tool you won’t want to miss!




This section of the website is full of suggestions for starting your journey into visiting individuals, providing worship opportunities for residents, clearly communicating and developing mutual expectations with nursing home staff to avoid confusion, to find recommendations for reading and education, research, suggested publications and reading — all sorts of things to help you begin to become a fruitful vessel for the Holy Spirit to use.

Newsletter and Blog

Our Newsletter and Blog are the best places to keep up with the news about St. Lazarus Mission as well as to gain insights into the latest understanding we have about religious gerontology.  You will gain tips about ministry and find encouragement in regular updates sent directly to your email.


Many of our supporters are unable to go into the nursing home facilities with us.  Nor are they able to begin similar ministries in other nursing homes.  Yet, they desire to support the work we do financially.  This section of the website explains how you might consider helping us expand the depth and scope of ministry to the least of these in nursing homes.

  • You are my family. When I came here I lost all of my family. I was all alone. Imogene was a grandmother to me. She is family to me. You are my family. I remember when heard the words inviting every Christian to the Lord's Table, and you loved me. I did lose my family, but then God gave me a new family."

    Tim Parker
    Tim Parker
    You are my family!
  • We are sisters. Our mothers are different people, but we are sisters.

    Lillian and Marian
    Lillian and Marian
  • I love you." (said with no words)

    Gina and Carol
    Gina and Carol
    Love Needs No Words

We’re so glad you’ve found this website.  We have been ministering for 25 years now, and have learned quite a bit through trial and error.  The first thing we suggest is that you take advantage of our experience.  Please contact us and let us know you are interested in what you have seen.  Please subscribe to the newsletter and check our site periodically to see what is new on the blog.  We want to help you love the least of the least.  Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call at (937) 424-8624.