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The Widow’s Mite or the Widow’s Might in Christ?

This is a story from Carol Herman that captures much of what God has been doing at St. Lazarus Mission.   Just to be fair, I am warning you that this will be a long post about nursing home ministry. Share in our Joy. My husband and I love ministering to and with folks who live in nursing homes. It is our joy which is often accompanied with many sorrows. Today, however, was one of those days that brought us great encouragement and giant smiles. There is a lady at Livingston Care Center who, though asked repeatedly, would not come to our Sunday afternoon church service. I will call her “Janice” (not her real name.) For about a year, my husband asked her to come, but was always answered with a straightforward “No.” Then one day, Janice rolled her wheelchair to the doorway of the where the service was held and just hung back as an observer. We continued asking her to join us, but was given the familiar “No.” This went on for another year. Fast forward to about May of last year, my husband began a ministry of annointing with oil to any who asked. This somehow struck a chord in Janice, and she approached Fr. Chris for anointing and prayer. This pattern of coming in for prayer at the end of the service continued off and on for another year…until today. Hang in there, I told you this would be long. Another story, yet related. There is another lady at Livingston that has been with us since last spring. She and her son attend church with us every week. I will call her “Mavis” for our purposes. One Sunday, Mavis became unually animated during worship. She clapped her hands and moved her feet. In speaking with her…

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