Monthly Archives: March 2020

Communion of the Sick

St. Lazarus Mission will post a weekly recording of our Communion of the Sick service, tailored for our nursing home residents and others closed off from the outside world. Services can be found on our YouTube channel or on our front page. The channel is St. Lazarus Mission Shut-In Church Services. Our first service is below: Please feel free to share with those in need. We plan to post weekly until the coronavirus epidemic passes.

Responding to Coronavirus

Dear Fellow Volunteers and Supporters of St. Lazarus Mission, The grace and strength of Almighty God be with you, and may He watch over and protect you and all you love through this trying time. St. Lazarus Mission is in the midst of what is for us and our parishioners a time unlike all others. As you likely know, substantially all of our parishioners are cut off from the outside world. Nevertheless, Inside each of these four nursing home facilities is a living, vibrant, local Christian congregation who lives with purpose — love of God and neighbor. Our parish members are among the most highly vulnerable people to the COVID-19 virus. Their neighbors are also highly vulnerable. In addition, the staff, many of whom have turned to us in past times of trouble, are under a great deal of stress. Therefore, I want to let you know what we are doing in our circumstances, and to also ask you to participate in these efforts in this great time of need: I URGE you with every bit of emphasis possible, please join us in PRAYER. I cannot emphasize this need enough. This prayer could perhaps be helpful: O LORD, we beseech you favorably to hear the prayers of your people; that we, who are justly punished for our offences, may be mercifully delivered by thy goodness; Grant us as a nation. That you from your boundless mercy would forgive us all our sins and grant us the grace of true repentance,That you would graciously intervene to stop the spread of this plague,That you would watch over and protect the most vulnerable, especially those of St. Lazarus Mission,That you would kindly heal those who are already sick,That you would protect from infection all those who mercifully minister to the sick,That you would…

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